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John Goodrum

Head Coach / Sports Psychologist / Sports Nutritionist

  • Black belt level Jiujitsu with 13+ years experience

  • 10 years of teaching MMA to kids and adults

  • Certified MMA Conditioning Personal Trainer via the National Academy of Sports Medicine

  • D1 Level wrestling

  • Sports Psychology Diploma

  • Certified Nutritionist

  • Beat up Frank Dux for fun one day! Became Kumite Champion and Bloodsport 2 is being written about the destruction of Frank Dux by co-writer Sheldon Lettich

  • Not a Black Dragon Society Member

  • Willing to believe I am the real Johnny Lawrence. Strike First, Strike Hard.

  • Trained under former WEC Pro MMA Fighter Sam Wells for 10+ years

  • Trained with Gracie Barra, Alliance Jiujitsu and many more across the state of Georgia

Personal Trainer Certifcate

Sports Psychology Diploma

1st Place Alliance Tournament

1st no-gi - 2nd Gi

I got triangled that day! • subject : Coach John

678-870-8109 • Ask for Coach John

John Goodrum
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